Former WWE & TNA Star Rips TNA & Dixie Carter

Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria, Tara) talked about her time in TNA recently on Jim Ross’s The Ross Report podcastVaron said TNA was so disorganized that once she learned about being booked for a pay-per-view by reading the announcement on Twitter but still had no travel information and hadn’t even been told about the booking.

Varon, who owns The Square Circle pizza restaurant in Chicago, talked about how she once spent $6,000 of her own money to promote a TNA event in Chicago. She did a lot of promotion for the show, without being asked to, and wasn’t happy when TNA sent her posters for the show that featured another Knockout instead of Varo, a local celebrity. Varon says she talked with Dixie Carter about all she did to help the company and all Dixie had to say was, “Yeah, I heard.”

Varon also talked about how two people in the TNA office sent out an e-mail to the roster telling them to promote another pizza place in Chicago as the best pizza they have ever had. Varon found out about it and blew up at TNA’s Bruce Prichard. She told Prichard, “The day I quit my job, I am going to punch that c**T in the face.” The threat was was referring to Dixie and Varon said Prichard responded, “You’ll be doing all of us a favor.”

Source: PWInsider via