TNA Impact Recap


Eric Young & Abyss was fighting outside the building. ODB was cheering her husband EY on. They fought into the arena & down into the ring. Abyss hit EY with a Black Hole Slam & choked EY out by using a chain & the ropes.


Ethan Carter III VS Bobby Lashley: EC3 was walking out on the match & Willow attacked EC3 from behind. The ref called for the bell. Willow placed a steel chair around EC3’s leg & stomped on it. Willow climbed atop a ladder but EC3 managed to get out of the way before Willow could jump off onto him.


Footage from earlier today where Bully Ray was waiting to meet with Dixie Carter in Nashville.

Samoa Joe talked to MVP. Joe was frustrated with MVP. Joe mentioned that Eric Young was on his way to the hospital. MVP said he will fix this & find someone to be chained to Abyss during the World Title match. Joe told MVP that every time he tries to fix something it only seems to get worse.

Angelina love in the back. She was asked if there will be a Beautiful People reunion. She said tonight we will see where Velvet Sky stands.

EC3 confronted Magnus in his locker room & asked Magnus where he was while he was being assaulted by Willow. Magnus made a joke about EC3 getting beat up by a clown. EC3 said Magnus’s business relationship with the Carter family is terminated. Magnus said he could have told EC3 that because he got everything he needed from Dixie & he doesn’t need her anymore. EC3 told Magnus to watch what he says about Aunt D. Magnus said Abyss is all he needs & will ever need. Magnus said EC3 & Samoa Joe will find that out & told EC3 to set & watch the Championship match.

Gunner came to the ring & talked about being proud of beating James Storm at Lockdown. Gunner talked about being proud of being a Marine & serving his country & proud of all the veterans. Gunner thanked his father who was sitting in the front row. Gunner came over to his father & thanked him & his family  fro their support & making him the man he is. Gunner talked about promising he would be World Champion one day. Gunner told his father that he loved him & hugged him. James Storm came out drinking a beer. Storm said it was rude of Gunner to not have introduced him to his father after all he has done fro him & making him a star. Storm introduced himself to Gunner’s father. Storm talked about Gunner’s father crying in the video on Gunner & Gunner’s father’s dad dying when he was young. Storm told Gunner’s father that his dad is looking down from heaven & looking over & thanking God that he is dead, that he’s not here to see his son & grandson become huge disappointments. Gunner hit Storm & they started fighting. Storm nailed Gunner with a Last Call superkick. Storm handcuffed Gunner to the ropes. Storm grabbed Gunner’s father & dragged him over in front of Gunner. Storm walked away & then came back & bashed Gunner’s father over the head with a beer bottle.


Gail Kim in the back talked about Lei’D Tapa costing her the Knockouts title & the match last week. Gail said if Tapa doesn’t beat her tonight then she is done with Tapa which means Tapa is done in Impact Wrestling.

The BroMans & DJ Z talked to Sanada & Tigre Uno in the back about their tag title match. The BroMans said they need to get to a club so they need the match to be quick.

Lei’D Tapa VS Gail Kim: Gail got the win.


MVP talked to Willow somewhere in the back. MVP asked Willow about being chained to Abyss during the World title match. Willow said he is his own man & he will strike when it’s his time. Willow turned MVP down.

Angelina Love came to the ring & called out Velvet Sky to get an answer about reforming the Beautiful People. Velvet talked about Angelina being her mentor & believing in her & talked about the bad times between them & Angelina holding her back. Angelina said she was sorry & she is a different person now. Angelina said she wants this to happen & thinks Velvet wants this to happen & the fans want it to happen. Velvet said there isn’t many people who you can trust. Velvet said the Beautiful People are back in full affect & they hugged. Angelina said there is a 3rd piece missing & called out Knockouts Champion Madison Reign. Angelina extended the offer to Madison to rejoin them in the Beautiful People. Madison said she is not interested.


Magnus in the back talked about the title match against Samoa Joe & Abyss being chained to someone for the match. Joe came in & said he is going to make Magnus tap. Al Snow got between them & got Joe to leave.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match: TNA World Tag Team Champions The BroMans VS Sanada & Tigre Uno VS The Wolves. The BroMans wanted Sanada & Tigre Uno to lay down for them. Sanada & Tigre Uno said no. The Wolves came to the ring & the match got started. The BroMans got the win to retain the titles.


The Beautiful People talking in the back about Madison Rayne & what she said to Angelina. Velvet told Angelina to go & talk to Madison.

Promo for Kenny King, King of the Night.


Angelina Love talked to Madison Rayne in the locker room. Angelina said she is a different person now. Angelina said they will be equals. Madison said she will think about it. Angelina grabbed Madison by the hair & slammed her into the locker & kneed her in the gut. Angelina told Madison not to disrespect her & that her & Velvet are the Beautiful People.

MVP talked to Samoa Joe in the back. MVP said he will lead by example & he will be the one chained top Abyss for the World Title match.

Video package on Knux.


Footage from earlier today of Bully Ray’s meeting with Dixie Carter in Nashville. Bully was talking to the back of a chair thinking Dixie was in the chair. Bully told Dixie that nobody like her. Bully talked about her coming to New York & offering him money to help Bobby Roode’s team win at Lockdown. Bully talked about his career flashing before him when Mr. Anderson Mic Checked him into the coffin. Bully said he didn’t want to go out like that & for that to be the way people remembered him. Bully said after that day in New York & Dixie trying to control him solidified it for him & that’s why he did what he did at Lockdown. Bully said Dixie doesn’t have his or the fans respect & Dixie is a nobody. Bully said he isn’t going to sit here & talk to the back of a chair any longer. Bully spun the chair & around & nobody was in it. Roode attacked Bully from behind & laid him out, hitting him across the back with a framed poster from all the wall. Roode told Bully that he screwed with the wrong man & that it wasn’t Dixie who invited him & that it was him. Roode told Bully “you don’t screw with Bobby Roode. Surprise!


In the back, Magnus asked Abyss if he was ready. Abyss said he has a surprise for Samoa Joe & MVP. Abyss dropped thumb tacks out of his hand & laughed.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Samoa Joe VS TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus: MVP was chained to Abyss at ringside. The ref got knocked out & Abyss hit MVP. Abyss got a bag of tacks from under the ring. MVP hit Abyss & took him down & got the bag of tacks. MVP unlocked himself from Abyss & tossed the bag of tacks away up the ramp. Abyss blasted MVP with a steel chair & laid him out. Joe went for a dive through the ropes & Abyss threw the chair at Joe stopping him. Magnus hit Joe with a elbow from the top rope. Magnus got the win to retain the title.

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