TNA Impact Recap

TNA President Dixie Carter came to the ring with a contract. Dixie called out AJ Styles to sign the contract. AJ came down to the ring. Dixie said the contract is for one match only tonight against Magnus. Dixie made the match a No DQ. Dixie said she won’t rest until she never has to look at AJ’s face again. Dixie wants AJ to be bloodied, bruised & carried out on a stretcher. AJ said it’s winner takes all, which means when he beats Magnus he will be the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. AJ said there are boys in the back who hate Dixie as much as him & will watch his back. Dixie said they won’t help AJ because she owns them & she made AJ & will break him. AJ said if Dixie is going to break him like she did Jeff Hardy. AJ said Dixie doesn’t get wrestling & she keeps screwing it up. AJ said the belt has gotten more respect when he took it away from this company. AJ called Magnus a paper champion. Magnus came down & told Dixie to leave. Dixie left the ring. Magnus said this is the last time AJ will call him a paper champion & that AJ’s time is over. Magnus said he will end AJ tonight & he will be left standing as the one true champion. Magnus left the ring. AJ signed the contract. AJ said he didn’t take short cuts like Magnus. AJ said he will walk out tonight with honor, respect, dignity as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. AJ told Magnus to ask Dixie what she is going to do then. AJ told Magnus to take his lips off her *ss to ask her.

Dixie in the back talking to Gail Kim & Lei’D Tapa. Dixie asked Gail if she understands the importance of this & asked if Lei’D has this. Dixie told Gail to make sure Lei’D does. Dixie walked away. Gail asked Lei’D if she understands what she has to do. Lei’D nodded her head.

Dixie in the back talking to The BroMans. She said she is counting on them.

Joseph Park & Eric Young VS The BroMans: DJ Zema Ion introduced The BroMans to the ring. Gail Kim & Lei’D Tapa attacked ODB in the back. EY took off to the back. The BroMans got the win. After the match The BroMans took a section of the guardrail & placed it in the ring. The BroMans hit their Finisher The Bro Down on Park onto the guardrail.

Samoa Joe talked to Dixie in the back. Joe said he hopes Dixie understands what AJ Styles means by having friends to watch his back. Dixie asked if Joe was threatening her. Joe said if she plans on screwing AJ she will have to go through him. Dixie said she made Joe & can break him. Dixie put Joe in a match against her nephew Ethan Carter III & told Joe he needs to focus on getting out of it in one piece. Joe said EC3’s blood is on Dixie’s hands.

Eric Young was carrying ODB out of the building. Sting was at the door. EY told Sting he was taking her to the hospital.

James Storm came to the ring & called out Gunner. Gunner came down. Storm talked about being apart of some great tag teams. Storm said he has a big ego. Storm said the World Title tears apart tag teams & Gunner is letting it happen with the Feast or Fired case. Gunner sais he seized an opportunity. Gunner mention that Storm Last Call superkicked him last week because he was upset Kurt Angle chose him as his partner. Gunner told Storm to keep his ego because he has the case. Storm challenged Gunner to one more match next week at Genesis for the case. Storm said they will put the case up above & he doesn’t think Gunner can do it again. Gunner accepted the match with a handshake.

EC3 attacked Samoa Joe in the back.

Back from the break, Samoa Joe & EC3 are fighting on the stage & down to the ring.

Samoa Joe VS Ethan Carter III: Rockstar Spud came down & interfered. EC3 hit Joe in the knee with a wrench. Match was ruled a no contest.

Jeremy Borash in the back with Kurt Angle. Angle talked about his Steel Cage open challenge to get ready for Bobby Roode. Angle said no matter who gets in the cage with him all he is going to see is Roode.

Samoa Joe in the back. A doctor is looking at his knee. The doctor wants to take Joe to get his knee x-rayed. Joe doesn’t want to go but the doctor insist.

Sting found James Storm & Gunner laid out in the back. EMT were checking on them. There was broken glass bottles on the ground. Sting blames Dixie.

Sting confronted Dixie about all of the hits on AJ’s friends. Dixie said wrestling is a very dangerous sport & it’s a business. Sting accused Dixie of taking things to far. Sting said it’s not to late & Dixie could stop this. Dixie said she will stop this when AJ is carted out of here. Sting asked Dixie what happened to her. Dixie said she is the boss & told Sting to focus on his match. Sting said putting him in a match wont stop him from doing what he needs to do. Dixie said she has had enough of Sting & told him to get out of here & out of her face. Dixie stormed off.

Kurt Angle’s Steel Cage Open Challenge: Angle inside the cage. Bobby Roode came out & talked about facing Angle next week at Genesis in the cage. Roode asked Angle if he wants him in the cage tonight. Roode said that would be stupid & Angle will have to wait. Roode said he found 2 guys who hate Angle as much as he does. Roode introduced Daniels & Kazarian.

2-on-1 Steel Cage Match: Kurt Angle VS Bad Influence: Angle got the win.

Dixie on the phone in the back, she said to leave the cage up. Roode came in & Dixie asked if he was ready for his cage match. Dixie said Roode will face Sting in the cage. Roode was upset about it. Dixie said she needs him tonight to be a team player. Dixie wants Roode to go out there & take care of business. Dixie said she will take care of him, she has got him covered. Dixie said she needs him to focus, it’s very important.

Kurt Angle out back posing for a photo with some fans. Al Snow pulls up in a car & told Angle he has to take him to the airport because of an emergency.

Steel Cage Match: Bobby Roode VS Sting: Sting had Roode in the Scorpion Death Lock. Rockstar Spud & EC3 came down. Spud tossed a steel baton into Roode. Roode hit Sting with the baton. Roode escaped the cage through the door. Roode got the win.

Footage from earlier in the day of Mr. Anderson. He said Bully Ray wants to lay this to rest he is more than happy to oblige. Anderson walked into a funeral home.

Anderson inside the funeral home. Bully Ray was sitting in a pew in the back. Anderson said lets finish this. Bully said pulls out a lighter & lights it & said if he wanted to finish it he would have last week, it would be to forgiving of him. Bully threated Anderson if he came any closer. Bully said Anderson took everything from him & doesn’t think Anderson can fathom how much damage he done to him. Bully wants his loneliness to encompass Anderson’s life. Bully mentioned next week is Genesis & that Genesis is the beginning but for Anderson it’s going to be the end. Bully said Anderson rapped the colors off of his back & put them in a coffin. Bully told Anderson to look at what he put in the coffin for him. Anderson took something out of the coffin & turned around. Bully was gone. Anderson was holding a couple of baby blankets.

Dixie in her office. Sting came in & said that wont stop him, nothing will stop him from being by AJ’s side. Dixie mentions that it’s time to renew Sting’s contract. Sting said her money can’t buy him & that she disgust him. Dixie said he doesn’t feel that way & she asked Sting if the shoe was on the other foot, would AJ give it all up for him. Dixie said Sting has a very important decision to make & said for him to please make the right one.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship No DQ Match: Champion VS Champion: Winner Takes All: AJ Styles VS Magnus: EC3 & Rockstar Spud attacked AJ. Sting came down to help AJ. The BroMans & DJ Zema Ion attacked Sting & AJ. Referee Earl Hebner was reluctant to make the pin count. Bad Influence attacked AJ. Hebner refused to make the 3 count on AJ. Hebner walked out on the match. Dixie brought down Earl Hebner’s son Brian to take his place. Sting continued to help AJ. AJ locked in the Calf Killer on Magnus. Kazarian decked ref Brian Hebner from behind just when Magnus was about to tap out. AJ hit the Styles Clash on Magnus but there was no ref. Earl Hebner came back down to make the count. Bad Influence pulled Earl Hebner out of the ring to stop the count.. Roode came out & attacked AJ. Roode laid AJ out. Dixie brought out another ref. Magnus got the win. After the match Dixie celebrated with Magnus standing over AJ.