TNA Recap: July 4 2013

Austin Aries came to the ring & said some people love him, some people love to boo him, fact of the matter is everybody now has to respect him. Aries said he came out here last week & he just does what he does. Aries said he outsmarts people, creates controversy, he creates a buzz around Impact Wrestling. Aries said last year he was the man that instituted option C. Aries talked about how last year he cashed in the X-Division Title & won the World Heavyweight Title. Aries said after his clever plan last week you can bet that he is going to hand the X-Division title to Hulk Hogan & cash it in for a shot at Bully Ray on July 18 live on Spike TV at Destination X & will become World heavyweight Champion again. Aries called out Hogan so he can hand  over the title & make it official. Hogan came out to the ring. Aries handed Hogan the X-Division title. Hogan said Aries created option C & also created a lot of other things at Impact Wrestling. Hogan said Aries took everything to a brand new high & then he took it to a brand new low. Hogan said right here in Sin City no one has ever seen a sin like Aries did with the ultimate betrayal & stealing of someone else’s gimmick. Hogan said there is a check & balance system here at Impact Wrestling. Hogan said option C will happen at the end of the night. Hogan made a X-Division Championship match for the main event. Hogan brought out the 2 opponents for Aries, Suicide who Hogan renamed Manik & Chris Sabin. Sabin called Aries the greatest scam to ever live. Sabin said he earned the X-Division title & Aries cheated his way to it. Sabin said there is nothing anyone can do to stop him from becoming a 6 time X-division Champion tonight.

BFGS Match: Kazarian vs AJ Styles: Kazarian & Daniels came to the ring dressed like Siegfried & Roy. AJ Styles won by submission with the Calf Killer. AJ picks up 10 points.

Backstage Chavo Guerrero gave a pep talk to Hernandez.

Mickie James in the ring with a ladder set up in the middle of the ring. Mickie climbed up the ladder & said to get to the top of the Knockouts division you have to crawl, scratch & even climb your way to the top. Mickie bragged about her music career, Her commercials & being the Knockouts Champion. Mickie said she beat Velvet Sky last week with pretty much her eyes closed. Mickie talked about next weeks Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell #1 contender ladder match. Mickie said she wants them to come out here & tear the  house down, break a leg, in fact break everything because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter because they will never be as great as her. Mickie said whoever wins she is going to break hteir pretty little face on evety rung of the ladder until she is standing on top of this division as your heartbreaking, history making Knockouts Champion of the century.

AL Snow, Danny Davis & Bruce Prichard discussed the Gut Check contestants. Adam Ohriner was eliminated & Ryan Howe advanced on to face the judges in the ring.

Main Event Mafia, Sting, Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe arrived. Angle said the numbers keep growing & tonight the 4th member of the Mafia will be unveiled to the world.

BFGS Match: Jay Bradley vs Hernandez: Chavo interfered in the match. Hernandez got the win & earned 7 points.

Aces & Eights backstage, Bully Ray said you got to give him credit Aries always has a way to get himself into the title picture. Wes Briscoe asked Bully about Brooke. Bully said this is time for club business, Brooke is his personal business. Briscoe brought up that Brooke got engaged & Bully repeated that this is time for club business & Brooke is his personal business. Bully talked about the X-Division Championship match. DOC asked Bully who he wanted to win. Mr. Anderson said he doesn’t think Bully cares because he can beat anyone. Bully said what if nobody wins & they all laughed.

Bro Mans(Robbie E & Jesse Godderz) vs James Storm & Gunner: Storm & Gunner got the win.

Sting & Kurt Angle of the Main Event Mafia came to the ring. Angle said the Main Event Mafia is back. Angle said we are back for 2 reasons to destroy the Aces & Eights & make sure Bully Ray loses the World Heavyweight Title. Sting brought out the 3rd member of the Mafia Samoa Joe. Joe said once again the Mafia runs this town tonight. Joe said he has noticed lately that there is strength in numbers namely those numbers being Aces & Eights. Joe said he realized even he couldn’t beat up that many cowards at once. Joe said he went out & got him a crew of the baddest men on the planet who specialize in beating up cowards just like the Aces & Eights. Joe said in the BFGS with these men at his back he will run rough shot through each & every wrestler they put in his way until he earns his shot at Bully Ray & he chokes Bully out for the World Heavyweight Championship. Angle said he was the one who picked Samoa Joe to be the 3rd member because of the matches he had with him & the way he would push him that turned into respect that turned into loyalty. Angle said Joe is the baddest SOB he has ever been in the ring with. Angle said Joe came to him about who the 4th member of the Mafia should be. Angle said he thought to himself damn that’s a good idea. Angle introduced Magnus as the 4th member of the Mafia. Magnus said when he was approached by these 3 men to join the most prestigious group in wrestling he had to think about for just a split second because when opportunity knocks you answer the door & he answered the door & you don’t believe him take a look at the BFGS leader board & if you still don’t believe him ask these 3 men. Magnus talked about Sting, Angle & Joe. Magnus said he signed & bought into the mission statement to put an end to Aces & Eights for good. Sting challenged Aces & Eights to a fight on July 18th in Louisville, Ky. Sting said as for tonight Bully asked the question what if there isn’t a winner in the main event tonight. Sting said the Main Event Mafia will make sure that there will be a winner.

BFGS Match: Jeff Hardy vs Joseph Park: Park saw his blood & snapped & nailed the referee with the Black Hole Slam. Hardy won by DQ. Hardy got 3 points & Park lost 10 points.

Gut Check Results for Ryan Howe: Al Snow said no. Danny Davis said yes. Bruce Prichard said no. Howe didn’t earn a TNA contract.

Aces & Eights backstage, Bully said it’s main event time lets go to the ring & watch nobody win. DOC said to Bull that he heard that challenge the Mafia laid out for July 18th. DOC said he wanted to let Bully know that he could single handedly take them out tonight. Anderson interrupted & said DOC is campaigning. Anderson said next week there is going to be a vote & we will figure out who is going to be the next VP. Bully said if you 2 spent as much time figuring out a way to take out the Mafia as you do stabbing each other in the back maybe the job would have gotten done already. Bully said can we please get on the same page & go out there & raise a little heel & do whatever the hell we want to do. Bully said ramblers lets get rambling.

Aces & Eights came out to watch the X-Division Championship match.

X-Division Championship Match: Chris Sabin vs Manik vs X-Division Champ Austin Aries: Aces & Eights interfered in the match. DOC powerbombed Manik on the outside of the ring to the floor. The Main Event Mafia came down to ringside to keep Aces & Eights from getting evolved in the match. Manik was carried out on a stretcher. Sabin got the win to become X-Division Champion. After the match Sabin said Bully you might very well be looking at the new World Heavyweight Champion.