Smackdown Segment Of The Week: AJ’s “Sister-Sister” Reference & “Knees Up”

If there’s one thing about AJ Lee that never gets old it’s her ability to ad-lib lines during segments. Say what you will about her in-ring performance but AJ Lee is hilarious with the one-liners. Friday on Smackdown while trying to leave the arena to escape retaliation from Kaitlyn, AJ Lee was stopped by the Bella twins who told her that the divas championship would be theirs soon.

If you listen closely you can hear AJ say “Ah! Sister Sister” followed by “I do not have time Tia and Tamera” AJ was of course making reference to Tia and Tamera Mowry, twin sisters who starred in the 90’s hit television series “Sister-Sister as well as many films.

Not to mention when Big E was not running fast enough AJ responded by shouting “Knees Up” “Knees Up” which many viewers found hilarious… why? well…. you figure it out.

Oh and Big E’s spontaneous laugh was great!

Yeah we had to post the theme song! 🙂