Trinity’s Impact Wrestling Debut (Video)

Trinity has arrived in Impact Wrestling. The star formerly known as Naomi in WWE is taking her glow straight to the top with an eye on the Knockouts Championship. Trinity made her televised debut for Impact during Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling (May 4, 2023).

Prior to the TV taping, Impact teased a major surprise. They spoiled the news to reveal Trinity was in the Impact Zone. Impact hyped Trinity’s appearance throughout the broadcast, and they gave her the main event slot. The time was here to feel the glow as Trinity walked through the curtain.

Trinity soaked in the standing ovation. She said it felt good to be in the ring again, especially in a place where she can glow.

Trinity chose Impact, because the company has the most-storied women’s division in wrestling. The Knockouts division is the place to be for fierce competition, and she wants a piece of it. There have been amazing wrestlers through the years from Awesome Kong and Gail Kim to current stars Mickie James, Deonna Purrazzo, and Jordynne Grace. We’ve seen Trinity win championships before, and now she’s here to win more. The brightest star in the galaxy is ready to shine. Trinity is here for the Knockouts Championship.

Enter Purrazzo. As current Knockouts champion, the Virtuosa took upon herself to be the first to welcome Trinity to Impact. She credited Trinity for doing her homework. That means Trinity should know that this is the new age of the Virtuosa. If Trinity does get a title shot against Purrazzo, that is not something Trinity can just walk out on. Shots fired! (That was a reference to Naomi and Sasha Banks walking out of WWE.)

Trinity retorted with fire of her own. Stepping in the ring with Trinity will make Purrazzo wish she gets fired again. (That is a reference to Purrazzo being released from NXT in 2020.)

Enter Grace. The Juggernaut wanted to remind them that she has a title match against Purrazzo at Under Siege on May 26. If Trinity wants to wrestle Purrazzo, that’s fine with Grace. If Trinity wants a title shot, then Grace is the one she should be coming for. Trinity stepped aside for Purrazzo and Grace to handle business. Trinity exited the ring to dance on stage as the show closed.

Source: CageSideSeats