GFW Impact Preview 7/13/17

* Has Alberto El Patron joined LAX? (Show was taped before GFW suspended Alberto) * Gail Kim's huge announcement * Impact Grand Championship: (C) Moose vs. Marufuji * Super X Cup Tournament continues as all roads leads to Destination X * Super X Cup Tournament match: ACH vs. Andrew Everett


Billy Corgan declares He’s In Negotiations To Buy TNA

Some news coming out of  Billy Corgan who is currently the president of TNA took to his official Facebook posting a video, at the 3:50 mark the rock legend discusses the on going rumors of him buying the company. He says “The source that’s behind this particular story is also the source that once … Continue reading Billy Corgan declares He’s In Negotiations To Buy TNA

TNA to air knockout special 

On the April 17th editon of ImpactWrestling the show will be dedicated to the knockouts divison. The title of the show will be TKO: Total Knockouts. Let me tell you something folks, news like this makes me feel like it's Christmas morning. The women in the knockouts divisions are something special. They're superior athletes and … Continue reading TNA to air knockout special 

Drew Galloway gives the fans a voice 

This past Friday on Impact Wrestling Drew Galloway cut an epic promo and when I say epic I mean epic. What's great about this promo was you could tell that it was 100% real, something WWE should take note of. I've always found it more intriguing when talent is allowed cut a promo off the … Continue reading Drew Galloway gives the fans a voice 

Josh Mathews joins impact wrestling announce team

It was announced yesterday on Impact wrestling's official website that Josh Mathews who formally worked as a backstage announcer and commentator for WWE will be joining Taz as a member of Impact's announce team. Josh had this to say about the opportunity “I’m elated to join TNA and be the new voice of IMPACT WRESTLING … Continue reading Josh Mathews joins impact wrestling announce team

Huge news regarding impact wrestling

It was just announced that Destination America has locked down a debut date for impact wrestling. Impact will debut with a LIVE broadcast on Wednesday January 7th 2015 from 9PM-11PMET. Impact when then begin with its regular Friday night time slot beginning on January 16th. A huge match is already scheduled for the live January … Continue reading Huge news regarding impact wrestling