Police Did Wellness Check On Kevin Nash After Troubling Podcast Comments

On a recent episode of the Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash worried fans when he mentioned how it’s been 12 weeks since the death of his son Tristen and it’s been rough for him. 

“Today is week 12 that I lost my boy. Time flies when you got a gun in your mouth. I mean, time flies when you’re having fun,” Nash stated.

Sean Oliver told Nash that he should not joke around about things like that. Nash, who is a gun owner, then responded, “I can do whatever the f**k I wanna do. Long as I leave a note.”

TMZ is reporting that police did a wellness check on Nash after his troubling comments on his podcast this week, and Nash told them that he had no intention to follow through on what he said on his podcast.

Source: eWrestlingNews