Some People In WWE ‘Want Out’ If Vince McMahon Is Back

The news about Vince McMahon’s return is a huge story for the wrestling business and it’s anyone’s guess what this means for WWE’s future. What is known for sure is that there’s a lot of people in the company who are shocked at the recent events.

PWInsider reported today that his return “pretty much shocked everyone we have spoken with.” The feeling is that other than people in his inner circle, this took most people in the company by surprise and there are a lot of people wondering what is next.

The morale in the company is said to have been much better since McMahon stepped down last July. PWInsider added that they heard from some who said that “they want out” if McMahon returns. Well, he is back so we’ll see what happens but one has to wonder if some people will be let go as Triple H has brought back a lot of names that were let go when Vince was in charge.

Mike Johnson at PWInsider wrote, “Vince is exercising ultimate control. Everyone in WWE is still processing that he did.”

An “all hands on deck” company meeting is scheduled for 3 pm eastern today so we may know more about Vince’s plans by then.