“Credible Threat” On Saudi Arabia Expected within 48 Hours – Crown Jewel Note

The future of WWE’s Crown Jewel event remains uncertain amid reports of a possible attack on Saudi Arabia by Iran.

It was reported this week that the Saudi government has informed the U.S that an attack by Iran could be imminent.

In an update, an official who spoke to the Associated Press said there has been “a credible threat of an attack within Saudi Arabia soon or within 48 hours.”

WWE has been assured any attack from Iran would be nowhere near Riyadh, where Crown Jewel is scheduled to take place.

WWE has insisted that the show will go ahead as planned but has said they are monitoring the situation.

In a statement, Iran has denied plotting an attack.

“Western and Zionist regimes spread biased news aimed at creating a negative mood towards the Islamic Republic of Iran and destroying the current positive trends with regional countries.”

WWE’s crew heading to Riyadh is reported to be concerned over a possible attack.

Brian Alvarez spoke about this subject on Wrestling Observer Live, noting that there are concerns behind the scenes.

“There was a lot of trepidation. Normally the people going on the trip are trepidatious normally going in, but now you have this on top of everything else, so … it appears that the show must go on, and hopefully, everything turns out all right.”

Source: EWrestlingNews