WWE Making Major Changes to Premium Live Events in 2023

WWE is expecting even more changes in the coming year.

As PWMania.com previously reported, WWE has canceled the Day 1 Premium Live Event. Bryan Alvarez confirmed the cancelation via his Super Followers Twitter account. Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics.com broke the news earlier today.

Alvarez also mentioned that there will be more overseas shows and less gimmick events. If that is the case, we will see fewer events like Extreme Rules and Hell in a Cell.

The company has faced backlash from fans and critics who believe that a match like Hell in a Cell should be protected rather than used just because it’s that time of year. The same could be said about TLC and Extreme Rules.

There are no other details available at this time, but this is the most recent move in the post-Vince McMahon era.

In the past few months, a number of people have returned, and the weekly shows have undergone a number of changes. It appears that the product will undergo additional significant changes in 2023.

Source: PWMania