CM Punk Reportedly Throws Punches At Fellow AEW Star Following All Out Media Scrum

The CM Punk verbal explosion at the AEW media scrum for All Out on Sunday has turned physical. According to a report, the things Punk said during the media avail weren’t taken kindly by a few members of the AEW roster — specifically, a couple of the EVPs Punk talked about — and those verbals jabs turned into actual jabs backstage.

Per details provided by Boxing/MMA/Pro Wrestling reporter Steve Muehlhausen, Punk got into it backstage while the media scrum continued with reporters. Both Matt and Nick Jackson confronted Punk about what he said when Punk threw a handful of people under the bus and reports are that punches were thrown by Punk to at least one of The Young Bucks’ members. It was during the interview with Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee, and there is video footage on social media where one of the members of security is seen rushing through the media avail and backstage where allegedly the altercation was taking place. On Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez reported multiple sources saying there was “an altercation” between the two parties. Tony Khan was not informed of the situation until after the scrum wrapped up. The situation was described as “a melee”.

There have been no comments from either Punk or The Bucks about this online. What’s interesting about this is that Punk noted during the media speech: “if somebody has a problem with me, TELL ME”. Apparently, The Young Bucks took him up on it and things got physical.

Tony Khan was asked about the comments made and the rumors of issues between Punk and the EVPs Punk mentioned during the media avail. Khan called it a dicey situation and said he still believes The Elite are significant contributors behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

Source: TheSportster


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