AEW Stars May Face Legal Rammifications For Altercation After All Out

We are coming off the back of what might well have been the biggest weekend of wrestling so far this year. Clash at the Castle, Worlds Collide, and then All Out meant wrestling fans likely spent a lot of time in front of the TV over the two nights. However, the one thing everyone is talking about most coming out of that weekend didn’t even happen on those shows.

After All Out, CM Punk sat with Tony Khan for the post-show press conference and proceeded to air his true feelings about Hangman Page and a few of AEW‘s EVPs. That reportedly resulted in a physical altercation backstage right after during which Punk has been accused of throwing the first punch. Punk’s friend and trainer Ace Steel has also been accused of throwing a chair and biting Kenny Omega.

Some fans will still be hopeful that this is all a very elaborate work. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, that is not the case. Quite the contrary, and it’s entirely possible some of those involved in the fracas after All Out could face legal ramifications. “It is not a work at all, and you don’t have legal issues and police officers run in there [if it’s a work],” Dave Meltzer explained on WOR (H/T to WrestleTalk for the transcription).

What those legal ramifications are is currently unclear, but it means no one involved, and probably no one in the company, is allowed to talk about what happened. That may well mean we don’t hear anything from an official source, or from someone who was actually involved, for quite a while. Especially if anyone involved chooses to push forward with whatever these legal issues might be rather than sweeping them under the rug and trying to move forward for the sake of the company.

After weeks of rumors suggesting all was not well backstage in AEW, it exploding in such a public fashion is not a good look and not a good sign for the company’s future. What has likely been forgotten by many due to what has happened since is Punk is now the AEW Champion. If everyone can learn to get along, turning this into an angle and a match between Punk and Omega could be huge business. If those involved can’t move past it, it could spell disaster.

Source: TheSportster