More Details Revealed About AEW: Fight Forever Video Game

Over the past week, more updates and information about Yukes and THQ Nordic’s upcoming game AEW: Fight Forever have been coming. We’ve seen gameplay, trailers, and the cover art, with more official info said to be released on August 12th at THQ Nordic’s Showcase. Before the event, “Fightful Select” has learned even more news about the upcoming wrestling game.

Fightful revealed that nobody in All Elite Wrestling even knew what the cover looked like until it leaked one day before it was supposed to disclose. The cover athletes didn’t even know they were on the game’s cover. This is because THQ Nordic designed the cover art itself, not AEW.

As for updates on the many different modes in the game, there will be more mini-games than what was seen in a recent gameplay video. We will have the three previously shown off and a fourth centered around The King of Sloth Style, Orange Cassidy. The story/career mode for the game was reportedly not going to be like other wrestling games’ career mode, being described as “much different than anything before it.”

Many of the talent who arrived in AEW earlier in the year will not be expected to make the cut for the upcoming game, so don’t be surprised if we don’t see names like Swerve Strickland, Keith Lee, or Athena appear in the game.

Internally, AEW: Fight Forever’s release date has been moved around, with Kenny Omega previously stating that the hope is the game would release in September. Fightful also said that THQ Nordic has been in high gear over the last few months, pushing out additions and bug fixes to the game. They also report that there are rumors of more being shown off about the game next month in Japan.

Source: Wrestling Inc.