Monday’s Raw Registered The Show’s Highest Rating For More Than Two Years

Things are naturally going to start feeling pretty different now Vince McMahon has retired and Triple H is head of creative. In fact, some of those changes have already started to show through, perhaps a little earlier than expected. Monday’s Raw was effectively the first show during which The Game had full creative control since he is sort of able to hit the reset button on everything McMahon put in place following SummerSlam.

It seems a lot of fans were interested to see how a Triple H-led Raw would look. As reported by Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics, this week’s Raw pulled 2.23 million viewers. That’s the highest rating the show has achieved since the start of the pandemic. The last episode that bettered that number was on March 16, 2020. The first show of the pandemic era when fans were keen to see what exactly a Raw in an empty Performance Center looked like.

An impressive 2.433 million viewers were watching when Raw got underway, and that number naturally declined as the three-hour show progressed. Perhaps one of Triple H’s next moves will be to dial Raw back to two hours, although the amount of ad revenue generated by that third hour makes that unlikely, even without McMahon at the helm.

The good news keeps on coming for WWE when breaking down who exactly was watching Raw on Monday. Total viewership is all well and good, but that key demographic is 18 to 49-year-olds. 796,000 of those watching Raw fell into that age group, translating to a rating of 0.61. The next best rating for a show on at that time was Better Call Saul with a 0.36. Honestly, that the Breaking Bad spinoff was on at the same time just makes all of the above numbers even more impressive.

Even though some of the changes Triple H and his team have made so far have been plain to see, there still hasn’t been anything too drastic. Most will be subtle and will hopefully improve the quality of WWE’s product and increase the number of people watching on a regular basis over time. This was also the Raw after SummerSlam which is almost always guaranteed to do a good number. Now The Game needs to see if he can keep those new and lapsed fans tuning in every week.

Source: TheSportster