17-Year Old Prodigy Nick Wayne Reportedly Detained In Bomb Threat Investigation

It was set to be a trip that 17-year-old prodigy Nick Wayne would never forget — venturing across the pond for the first time to perform in the United Kingdom. However, after a serious incident took place on his flight home, it will be a jaunt to remember for somewhat less expected reasons.

Wayne, along with his mother, became suspects in a potential bomb threat aboard their flight back to the United States, according to Wrestling Observer Radio. The flight, traveling from Frankfurt, Germany,to Seattle, Washington, was diverted when a bomb threat was written on a bathroom mirror. A decision was made for the plane to be diverted to Keflavik, Iceland, where the entire passenger manifest were detained, with their luggage and personal items being thoroughly searched by local authorities.

According to the Observer report, Wayne’s mother was interrogated for “quite some time” due to the fact that she had an item of make-up that could have been used to write the bomb threat in the bathroom. Wayne’s mother was said to have been “in a panic” by the whole ordeal while being detained.

The airplane, operated by Condor, was passing over Greenland at 36,000 feet, according to FlightRadar24, when the threat was discovered. It was said passengers were allowed to use bathrooms, but were not allowed to charge their phones during the process. It was noted by AirLive that an aircraft was sent later that night for the passengers to resume their journey. As of this writing, it is unclear if the passengers are still being detained, or if they have already been sent on their way across the Atlantic. Notably, Wayne retweeted a tweet this morning, which could suggest that the situation has eased somewhat.

Wayne was in the United Kingdom performing for Progress Wrestling in London, England, where he defeated Robbie X in a one-on-one match. The young upstart, who signed for All Elite Wrestling earlier this year, will also be in action this weekend during Starrcast in Nashville, TN, taking on Alex Zayne at GCW: The People vs. GCW this Friday night.

Source: Wrestling Inc.


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