(Saraya) Paige Announced For Starrcast As Her WWE Deal Nears Its End

Earlier this month, Paige revealed her WWE contract will come to an end on July 7 and her deal will not be renewed. The former Divas Champion also confirmed she intends to wrestle again, but as of right now, where exactly she plans to do that has not been revealed. Especially since she also confirmed in the same statement that even though she intends to wrestle again, Paige has not yet been cleared.

While she might not be wrestling there – or if she is that’s yet to be confirmed – what will likely be Paige’s first post-WWE appearance has now been revealed. The soon-to-be former WWE Superstar will be a guest at Starrcast 5. Paige will be meeting and greeting fans at the event as well as hosting her own show which will be called Saraya: Turning The Page.

The name of Paige’s Starrcast show also reveals what name the retired wrestler will be going by once July 7 has been and gone. Saraya was the most likely choice as not only is the name Paige likely owned by WWE in this instance, but Saraya is Paige’s real name. She doesn’t seem to hold much animosity towards WWE, though anything she needs to get off her chest may well be revealed once her contract has officially run down.

Starrcast is returning for a fifth time and will take place across SummerSlam weekend at the Nashville Fairgrounds in Tennessee. The addition of Paige is a big deal, but the crown jewel of the weekend is still Ric Flair’s return match. At the age of 73, The Nature Boy will be competing for the first time in more than a decade. The match has proven so popular that it was recently moved to a larger venue.

As for Paige, her wrestling life has been somewhat stagnant recently. Even though she has been under contract with WWE, she hasn’t appeared on TV since 2020. Paige’s last match was at the end of 2017. In that match, Paige was kicked in the back, suffering the scary injury that would force her to retire at the age of just 25.

Source: TheSportster