Jake Roberts Reveals Ricky Steamboat Is Not In Great Health Right Now

Jake “The Snake” Roberts has revealed that Ricky Steamboat isn’t doing so well, claiming the 69-year-old is having health issues at the moment.

Roberts was speaking on the latest episode of the DDP Snake Pit podcast when he discussed the infamous incident that saw him hit Steamboat with a DDT on concrete in 1986. He went on to disclose that Steamboat is having trouble with his health but did not provide further details.

“To be quite honest with you, I know Steamboat’s having issues right now,” he was quoted as saying by Wrestling Inc. “I hope to hell it wasn’t what I did. I really do man, because that haunts me. That’s beginning to haunt me a lot. Ricky, if you’re listening, you know I never meant to do that. I didn’t want to do that. I begged you not to do that. I just pray for you man. He’s a good dude man.”

Steamboat had to be hospitalized 12 years ago following an injury angle in which he was assaulted by The Nexus during an episode of Monday Night Raw. He was reported to have suffered from brain bleeding after a capillary burst.

He made an appearance for MLW recently, showing up at their SuperFight event in Charlotte in February.

A decorated wrestler with promotions such as WCW and Jim Crockett Productions, Steamboat was a one-time Intercontinental Champion with WWE. He was inducted into the latter’s Hall of Fame in 2009.

Steamboat has worked as a trainer with NXT and was also part of the talent relations department alongside Triple H until 2013, when his son Richie Steamboat was released. He transitioned to an ambassador later.

Source: TheSportster