Tammy ‘Sunny’ Sytch Being Sued Following Car Accident That Led To A Man’s Death

A civil case has begun as police await the results of a toxicology test before pressing criminal charges.

Tammy Sytch, better known to a lot of wrestling fans as Sunny, has been caught up on the wrong side of the law a number of times in the past few years. The latest incident Sytch was involved in could be the most serious so far pending the results of a toxicology report. The WWE Hall of Famer was allegedly driving a car at speed when it collided with another, resulting in the driver of the hit car passing away due to their injuries.

A blood sample taken from Sytch while she was hospitalized is currently being tested and will determine what charges are brought against her, if any. However, the estate of the 75-year-old man who died following the collision has already brought a civil case against the former wrestler and her boyfriend James Pente reports PWInsider.

The civil suit alleges negligence on Sytch’s part, and that Pente was vicariously liable for allowing his partner to get behind the wheel of a car in the state she was allegedly in. The estate of Julian Lasseter, the man whose car Sytch hit, is seeking a payout in excess of $30,000. That money will cover medical and funeral expenses amassed since the incident, as well as money for Lasseter’s daughter who is suffering from the sudden and unexpected loss of her father.

Witnesses at the scene of the collision claim Sytch’s vehicle was traveling at a high speed right before it hit Lasseter’s car, which was at a standstill. Lasseter’s car was knocked forward with such force that it collided with the car in front of it. None of the people in that third car were seriously hurt but have complained of back, neck, and side pain.

As touched upon above, Sytch has been in trouble with the law a number of times over the years, even finding herself in jail on more than one occasion. Many of her arrests have come for driving while under the influence of alcohol, while earlier this year she was arrested for weapon possession and making terroristic threats.

Source: TheSportster