Tammy Sytch Arrested For Weapons Possession And Terroristic Threats

Tammy Sytch, formerly WWE’s Sunny, is currently being held in Monmouth County jail.

Wrestlers winding up on the wrong side of the law is certainly nothing new. However, it seems to happen to Tammy Sytch, better known to wrestling fans as WWE’s Sunny, more often than most. Sytch has been arrested multiple times and spent numerous spells in jail from 2012 up until last year. Now the Hall Of Famer has been arrested again and is currently being held in Monmouth County jail.

According to TMZ, Sytch faces two charges of illegally possessing a weapon, and one charge of making terroristic threats. The only additional information known at this time is that the weapon, or weapons, Sytch had were not firearms. New Jersey classes the weapon possession charges as third-degree, and the terroristic threats as a fourth-degree crime.

Third-degree crimes carry a maximum of five years each in New Jersey, and one year for a fourth-degree crime. That means if Sytch is convicted of all three, she could be facing up to 11 years in prison. As mentioned above, Sytch has spent a few spells in jails, prisons, and correctional facilities. However, she has never come close to spending that long a spell behind bars.


The ins and outs of what happened exactly are unclear at present. However, she did update fans on Twitter earlier this week by revealing she was “going through some shit”. It’s possible whatever Sytch was referring to on social media a few days ago is connected to or has led to what got her arrested on Thursday. Here’s hoping the whole situation sounds much worse than it appears on the surface.

Despite the many returns of female Superstars from the past in WWE over the past few years thanks to the women’s revolution, there has been no indication Sunny will ever appear in WWE again. The last time she was ever openly connected to the company was when she was inducted into the Hall of Fame over a decade ago. It’s unlikely she will ever return to WWE TV in the future, especially if the latest charges brought against her result in convictions.

Source: TheSportster