How Was AEW Able To Use The Hardy Boys’ Theme Song On AEW Dynamite?

For Jeff Hardy’s AEW debut on this week’s episode of Dynamite, the company used the Hardy Boys’ classic theme song for his entrance. The song, which is titled “Loaded” and was performed by Zack Tempest, has been licensed by AEW.

WWE actually doesn’t own the rights to the song. The song has also been used in several Spike TV advertisements over the years. AEW quickly picked up the rights to that theme when they were confident enough that Jeff would be coming in. Tony Khan now owns the entire library that it was a part of. This includes Bob Holly’s WWE theme song.

It should be noted that WWE does own the rights to “No More Words,” so AEW will not be able to use that.

Additionally, Fightful is reporting that Jeff Hardy owns the rights to his own “Modest” and “Obselete” songs. The “Obselete” song was the one Jeff used for his entrance in TNA.

Source: ewrestlingnews