Jeff Hardy Speaks For The First Time Since His WWE Release

Jeff Hardy made an appearance on his brother’s Twitch channel.

WWE shocked and upset a lot of fans last week when it was revealed that Jeff Hardy had been released from his contract. The company is actually yet to officially confirm Hardy is no longer with WWE, but apparently, the former World Champion was offered help and rehab by his former employers but he turned it down. Whether a relapse or ongoing issues with addiction led to Hardy’s release also remains unclear.

Jeff’s brother Matt, who is incredibly active on social media, has been providing fans with updates. Matt let fans know Jeff is doing okay and that his brother would share more information with him if and when he was ready. Well, the reason for Jeff’s release still isn’t any more clear, but The Charismatic Enigma has spoken publicly for the first time since his time with WWE came to an end.

Jeff made an appearance during Matt’s most recent Twitch stream. The appearance was part of a pre-taped clip Matt aired during the stream during which he is discussing how he was the architect of The Hardy Boyz with a ladder in the background. Jeff then appears with headphones on before joining his brother and revealing he was listening to a song called Release Me by Wilson Phillips.

“I am the Whisper In The Wind, I am The Swanton Bomb but without you there is no Poetry In Motion,” Jeff said, referencing the nods to The Hardy Boyz’s past Matt had just brought up. After finishing the rehearsed bit, Jeff proceeds to tout that he will be performing music at a number of live dates later this week, giving the locations and adding that he will be interacting with fans at the shows.

Matt told fans not to worry or read too much into what happened between Jeff and his brother over the weekend. He certainly seemed to be doing okay during his Twitch cameo, and must be in somewhat of a good place to be performing live music just a couple of days from now. The best of luck to Jeff and hopefully we will see him wrestle again elsewhere once his non-compete clause has expired.

Source: TheSportster