AEW Shares Photos Of Cody Rhodes’ Back After Flaming Table Spot

The American Nightmare took more of the terrifying bump than he intended.

Cody Rhodes and Andrade El Idolo attempted to settle their differences once and for all on Dynamite this week. The two competed in what wound up being a pretty brutal Atlanta Street Fight in Wednesday night’s main event. The match included Rhodes being whacked over the head with a laptop, and even an appearance from rapper T-Pain.

The match also included the on-screen return of Brandi Rhodes. Brandi popped up wearing a hoodie and a mask, pulling the latter down to reveal her face before dousing a table in kerosene and setting it alight. Cody was already preparing to put El Idolo through the table as the two of them were precariously perched atop the turnbuckle.

Cody proceeded to go ahead with his plan, hoping to further hurt El Idolo now the table was engulfed in flames. While the daredevil manoeuver won Cody the match, he was the one who appeared to take the must damage from the fire and the table. The American Nightmare opted for a reverse DDT through the table which meant it was his own back that took the brunt of the burning bump.

Rhodes took a few seconds to move past the shock of getting burned before gathering himself and going for the cover. Even then, flames were still visible on Cody’s arm and leg as the announcers correctedly yelled that he was still on fire. Photos of Cody’s back have been shared via the AEW Twitter account since the show went off the air, and as you can see for yourself above, it does not look good.

Cody’s back is incredibly red, and while some of that damage will have been done before the flaming table spot, getting burned definitely wouldn’t have helped. There are red marks all over his back and neck and some black material that seems to be stuck to Cody’s back. Possibly burned or even melted parts of the tabletop that will have since been removed from his skin. Painful stuff.

Source: TheSportster