AEW Wastes No Time In Turning Bryan Danielson Heel During Dynamite

Bryan Danielson got the AEW audience to turn on him in a matter of minutes and will play the heel role while he feuds with Adam Page.

Only a few days after “Hangman” Adam Page was crowned the new AEW World Champion and shortly after Bryan Danielson won the right to be the No.1 contender, Danielson came out on the post-PPV episode of Dynamite and played the heel role while challenging Page.

It was National Cowboy Sh-t Day in Virginia and Page opened the show with the Dark Order to celebrate his win. It didn’t take long for Danielson to interrupt. While The American Dragon congratulated the new champion, he also said he was a bit surprised and disappointed that Kenny Omega wasn’t standing across from him as the titleholder. Page responded that he’s right, Omega isn’t the champion, and that if he wasn’t mistaken, Page was able to beat Omega in under 30 minutes. This of course, was in reference to Danielson and Omega fighting to a time-limit draw a few weeks back.

Danielson suggested Page be careful and said he wasn’t the kind of competitor to just talk about his wins, he actually wrestles every week. He mentioned that he wrestled one night after WrestleMania and that obviously earned him a chorus of boos from the crowd. Danielson said, “of course Virginia boos hard work.” Danielson said that Page had a reputation for having a long list of excuses and said he wanted to fight Page with no excuses. He had a match with Evil Uno after the commercial break and essentially destroyed him, playing the heel role throughout the match. He even posed while applying his submission sleeper.

After his win over Uno, Danielson addressed the crowd and said he was going to kick the heads in of every member of Dark Order and challenged Colt Cabana for next week in Cabana’s hometown of Chicago.

If there was any question about how AEW was going to sell Danielson and Page as a babyface versus babyface feud, those questions were answered on Wednesday. Danielson will play the heel role and he’s incredibly good at it. Within a matter of 25 minutes, he turned an entire audience against him and cemented himself as the brand’s biggest bad guy with Omega announcing he was taking some time off.

Source: TheSportster