AEW’s Kenny Omega Has Been Wrestling With Vertigo For Three Years

Former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega recently revealed that he regularly experiences bouts of vertigo during his matches and has done since 2018.

Kenny Omega has revealed that he has been experiencing bouts of vertigo during his matches since 2018.

Yeah, it’s been an issue since 2018. I just get really bad vertigo. I get dizzy in the ring. I can’t — the room spins. It’s been a new skill I’ve had to inherit is wrestling in a spinning ring,” Omega said during a recent appearance on the YouTube channel of chiropractor Dr. Beau Hightower. “So to make sure I get that straightened out as much as I can, as often as I can is really paramount for my performances.”

Omega’s health woes don’t stop with vertigo, sadly. In the aforementioned video with Hightower, Omega revealed that he is also struggling with a shoulder injury.

One thing that I can say is I have a lot of difficulty just doing a straight side raise because of my shoulder injury. I would have to really sort of deviate to do anything. So to be able to go perfectly sideways is great,” said the former IWGP Heavyweight champ.

Since 2018 Omega has had one of the most packed schedules of any professional wrestler outside of WWE. He’s participated in numerous incredible matches and is one of the most consistently phenomenal wrestlers in the business. On top of that, Omega also serves as one of AEW’s executive vice presidents. Needless to say, the fact that he was able to work around a shoulder injury and regular bouts of vertigo for three years is extremely impressive.

In case you missed it, Omega’s 346-day reign as AEW World Champion came to an end when he was defeated by his former tag team partner Hangman Page at Full Gear on Saturday, November 13. Omega won the gold from Jon Moxley at Winter Is Coming in December of 2020.

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