Backstage Talk On WWE Knowing They Have An Issue With The Age Of The Main Roster

WWE officials are reportedly looking at getting more younger talents ready for the main roster.

A new report from Wrestling Observer Radio noted that WWE officials are very much aware of the idea that they have a lot of 40 year old Superstars on the main roster.

This is said to be the reason for the recent WWE NXT 2.0 brand changes as the company absolutely realizes they have to get wrestlers in their 20s ready for the main roster.

While there might be a feeling among some fans that WWE is in denial over the shape of the main roster, especially when it comes to the age of current talents and the lack of younger stars for the future, that is reportedly not the case as officials are “more than aware” of the problem, and are making changes to fix it.

WWE currently has 22 main roster Superstars who are 40 or older – Asuka (40), Cesaro (40), Finn Balor (40), Kofi Kingston (40), RAW Tag Team Champion Randy Orton (41), WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura (41), Shayna Baszler (41), The Miz (41), Dolph Ziggler (41), John Morrison (42), Sheamus (43), Tamina Snuka (43), AJ Styles (44), Jeff Hardy (44), Titus O’Neil (44), Bobby Lashley (45), Robert Roode (45), Rey Mysterio (46), Shelton Benjamin (46), MVP (47), WWE Hall of Famer Edge (47), R-Truth (49). Furthermore, part-timers like Brock Lesnar (44), John Cena (44) and WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg (54) are also used. There are also dozens of Superstars in their mid-30s and who are pushing 40, such as Natalya (39) and WWE United States Champion Damian Priest (39).

Source: Wrestling Inc.