Marty Scurll To Make His In-Ring Pro Wrestling Return For CWA

Marty Scurll looks to be attempting an in-ring comeback as he’s set to wrestle next month for the first time since backlash from fans.

Marty Scurll looks to be attempting an in-ring comeback as he’s set to wrestle next month for the first time since early 2021. Scurll is slated to make his return in Puerto Rico and from the immediate sounds of some responses to the news, the expiry date on him being blacklisted from wrestling events may not have quite expired.

The former ROH star and potential future signee of AEW is now scheduled to work a show for the CWA promotion on October 23rd at their ‘Halloween Fan Fest’ show in San Juan. He’s not been around the wrestling scene for some time as he was accused of sexual assault in 2015. The accusations came during the Speaking Out Movement where a number of wrestlers were either fired or split from their respective promotions. Those splits were due to the backlash that was coming as multiple women came forward and shared their stories of how many of the men in the wrestling industry, Scurll included, had stepped well over the line of acceptable behavior.

At the time Scurll was outed as one of the male wrestlers who had acted inappropriately, he was working with ROH as their head booker and had just recently signed a new contract. He showed up in NWA just prior to that and there was talk he might join his friends from The Elite in AEW. When ROH broke ties with him in 2021, all those other possibilities seemed to vanish as well.

Scurll did try to make a comeback before this and was previously going to join NJPW Strong. He was backstage at a taping, but when word spread of his involvement and the backlash gained momentum, he was removed from working the show.

Very few of the wrestlers who were accused during the Speaking Out Movement are around in the mainstream wrestling scene. Scurll was extremely popular before he all but disappeared. At one point, he was considered one of the hottest free agents in wrestling.

The landscape has changed, but the tolerance for sexual misconduct has not and with the Dark Side of the Ring episode doing a number on both Ric Flair and Tommy Dreamer, it will be interesting to see if there is more backlash involving Scurll trying to work in the industry again.

Source: The Sportster