Ric Flair Potentially Facing More Trouble After Next Week’s Dark Side of the Ring Airs

Ric Flair may run into more bad press if the Dark Side of the Ring episode about Chris Kanyon discusses Flair’s running Kanyon down on Howard Stern.

This is not going to be a good couple of weeks for Ric Flair. Already being raked through the coals for his behavior as a WWE star back when he was on the road with the company and acting in a manner Tommy Dreamer just called Flair being Flair, the Dark Side of the Ring episode about The Plane Ride From Hell has hurt Flair’s reputation and likely his wallet. That episode shined a light on Flair’s immature and sexually inappropriate decision-making and next week’s episode could do even more damage.

Dark Side of the Ring next week will be about the late Chris Kaynon. Kanyon suffered from bipolar disorder, and he threatened suicide in the weeks prior to his death in April of 2010. Kanyon’s struggles and departure from WWE as an openly gay wrestler were well documented and in one instance, he had a run-in with Flair that he said damaged him deeply. It is believed that next week’s episode may show that run-in between Kanyon and Flair on the Howard Stern show back in 2006.

Flair called into the show to stand up for WWE — who Kanyon had taken issue with over his firing and Flair worked for at the time. Flair called Kanyon a talent who didn’t have the goods to make it in WWE and said he hadn’t been fired for his personal life choices. After that episode, Kanyon was very open about how much it hurt to be called out by someone he idolized and worked with closely while in WWE. In a separate interview, Kanyon said he almost threw himself in front of a train and only didn’t because his brother was with him at the time.

This is not to suggest that Flair is responsible for Kanyon’s death. That said, this isn’t going to likely paint Flair in a positive light after a week where he is already being criticized for his actions when he was still an active part of the business. Flair has seen his Car Shield advertising partnership put on hold, there are rumors he was headed for AEW but that might not be happening now and Peacock removed some Flair content that they felt was inappropriate considering the Dark Side episode that just aired.

Flair is undoubtedly a wrestling legend and an icon. He’s also been open about his partying ways and candid about his actions in the past as an active wrestler who went out, partied, drank, and was a magnet for the ladies. In fact, his entire gimmick (which he says is not a gimmick) is that he’s always stylin’ and profilin’ and that’s not helping him these days.

It appears those past decisions — which were inappropriate then, but at the time overlooked — are no longer being overlooked. It’s likely things get worse for Flair before they get better and this upcoming episode about Kanyon could pose even more problems for the Nature Boy.

Source: TheSportster