Dark Side Of The Ring Reveals Return Date And Schedule For The Rest Of Season 3

Dark Side of the Ring will return for the second half of its third season next month with seven episodes left to go.

Dark Side of the Ring returned for a third season earlier this year. Its latest slate of episodes appeared to attract more attention than ever before. The two-hour special all about Brian Pillman to kick off season three got a lot of fans talking, as did a later episode covering Nick Gage and deathmatch wrestling.

The show’s third season isn’t done yet, though. In fact, we’re only halfway through. It took a break over the summer, possibly since traveling to interview people for the show was trickier during the pandemic, or perhaps just to break things up. Dark Side of the Ring’s creators have now released a new trailer for the second half of the season.

The trailer, which you can check out below, includes when Dark Side of the Ring will return as well as a full list of the seven episodes that are left to come. Highlights include The Plane Ride From Hell and The Steroid Trials. Jim Ross is shown at the end of the trailer declaring that he hopes he is never asked about the aforementioned plane ride ever again.

The Steroid Trials are also a hot topic of conversation right now. If you don’t know, Vince McMahon was charged with possession and conspiring to distribute illegal steroids in the early 1990s. Had the chairman been found guilty, he faced time in prison. There’s reportedly a show based on that time in McMahon’s life being created with the help of WWE, hence it being somewhat topical again all these years later.

Dark Side of the Ring will return for the second half of season three on September 16 and air weekly on Vice for six weeks after that. While not confirmed, The Plane Ride From Hell is the episode listed first in the tweet so that will likely be the one that kicks things off again. That also means The Steroid Trials will bring the curtain down on season three if that schedule is stuck to.

Source: TheSportster