Former WWE Superstar Ruby Soho Teases Next Career Move In New Vignette

Former WWE Superstar Ruby Soho (Ruby Riott) has released a teaser video in anticipation of her return to the ring. Is she AEW bound?

Former WWE Superstar Ruby Soho (Ruby Riott) has shared a vignette in which she teased her return to the world of wrestling following her WWE release back in June.

Ruby took to Twitter to share the 1-minute-long teaser video on Tuesday, August 17. In the video, Ruby can be seen hurrying to catch a train. At one point, the camera cuts to focus o the ticket in her hand which says she is traveling from Orlando to New York’s Penn Station. Unfortunately, Ruby arrives at the platform too late and can do nothing but watch as the train pulls away from the station without her onboard. As the video ends, its title, “The Runaway” appears on screen.

So far, there’s been no official word from Ruby regarding her next move, but if the ticket in the vignette is a clue, her destination is no longer unknown. We can assume that her return will take place at an event in New York, which is where AEW will be hosting its “Grand Slam Dynamite” on September 22nd.

Source: TheSportster