WWE Planning To Hold Queen of the Ring Tournament This Year?

While details are sketchy, reports are that WWE is planning to hold a Queen of the Ring Tournament later this year.

As per an exclusive report via Wrestling Inc., WWE is bringing a popular tournament back, only this time for the Women’s Division with a Queen of the Ring tournament. The report explains this won’t be a pay-per-view and it won’t be part of either Raw or SmackDown.

The tournament is tentatively scheduled to be a main roster show that airs exclusively on Peacock. No dates have been confirmed, only that this is supposed to happen at some point as part of the 2021 calendar.

There were also no details on how big the tournament bracket would be, if it would include only certain stars from certain brands or which names were going to be featured. WWE’s Women’s main roster division current includes about 17 women who aren’t either already champions or aren’t on the injured list. That means, most of the females on the main roster could be included if the brackets start with 16 competitors.

What’s interesting about this is that WWE hasn’t really put much emphasis on a King of the Ring Tournament in quite some time. It’s not a regularly featured pay-per-view and from year to year, it’s never quite known if WWE will hold the historic event or not. King of the Ring had previously been one of WWE’s signature spectacles with the winner often going on to do big things. Perhaps WWE is hoping the winner of a female version of the tournament could skyrocket in popularity.

NWA recently announced an all-women pay-per-view titled EmPower. It will take place on Aug. 28 at Chase Park Plaza in St. Louis. During a media call in June, Triple H was asked and all-women’s event and seemed to brush off the idea, saying it was a possibility, but not “the must-have of the moment.”

Could WWE have changed their mind or felt pressure to put something on? Or, was this in the works already and Triple H just kept it quiet.

Source: The Sportster

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