Renee Paquette Announces The Birth Of Her And Jon Moxley’s First Child

Renee Paquette has revealed she has given birth. Congratulations to her and Jon Moxley on the arrival of their first child.

Shortly after Renee Paquette, better known to many fans as Renee Young, parted ways with WWE, she announced that she was pregnant. Paquette is married to former AEW Champion Jon Moxley and this marks the first child the two of them have had together. In fact, the arrival of the little girl will be both Paquette and Moxley’s first child, together or otherwise.

Paquette has launched her own podcast since leaving WWE named Oral Sessions. In recent weeks, Paquette has shared just how pregnant she is right now, hoping that the baby will come any day now. She even posted evidence on Instagram recently. Well, Paquette wasn’t wrong, as she and Moxley are now officially parents.

Paquette took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to reveal that her daughter has finally arrived. “Baby girl is officially here, so I’m checking out and becoming a mom,” the former announcer tweeted. Paquette added “she’s absolutely incredible” implying all went well with the birth and that the new addition is doing okay. Interestingly, despite previously claiming to have revealed her daughter’s name on the podcast, Paquette refers to her as baby girl, implying she and Moxley are yet to decide on a name.

Other than to let the world know Baby Paquette/Moxley is here, Renee also wanted to let fans know what will be happening to Oral Sessions in the immediate future. Knowing that she would be missing a period of time while she looks after her new arrival, Paquette reveals that she has pre-recorded a bunch of shows with guest hosts. The first is Moxley whose Ask Mox episode is available right now.

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