Miro (Rusev) Debuts On AEW Dynamite

Rusev aka Miro was revealed as Kip Sabian’s best man last night on AEW Dynamite.

It all went down during a segment which began with Kip and Penelope Ford coming to the ring to make the announcement. Sabian then introduced his best man, but someone else came out. Kip informed them they weren’t the best man, then tried to make the reveal happen again. This time Brian Pillman Jr came out thinking he was the one who got the ask. Kip let him know he misread the text though and told him to leave.

Sabian then once again introduced his best man and former WWE star Rusev aka Miro walked out.

Miro talked about being under a glass ceiling for the past ten years with an imaginary brass ring at the top, then said you can shove that brass ring up your ass. “Elite recognizes Elite,” he added. “My name is Miro … and I’m All Elite.”

According to sources, Miro has indeed signed with AEW. We’re told his deal lasts for over a year. AEW confirmed this after he made his debut by announcing Miro is “All Elite” on Twitter.

As you’ll recall, Rusev was released from WWE in April alongside many other wrestlers. This was said to have been done in an effort to cut costs in the wake of the pandemic.