EC3 Says “I Have No Home” After Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Appearance

As Impact Wrestling Slammiversary came to a close, a video was shown hyping the return of EC3.

Released by WWE back in April, he previously worked in TNA / Impact from 2013 until 2018. During his run, EC3 won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship on two occasions.

While it looks like he’s returned or has come back to Impact, EC3 noted earlier today on social media that is not quite the case.

“I have no home. I’m not ‘back.’ I’m not here for ‘friends’ or ‘family.’ In reality, who I am, has never been here. ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘comfort’ do not interest me. This isn’t what you think this is. This is more. #ControlYourNarrative #FreeEC3”

By the sounds of it, maybe EC3 is planning on showing up in more than one promotion over the next couple weeks.

EC3 dropped his “Choose Your Narrative” video once his 90-day non-compete clause ended with WWE.

Source: Wrestling Inc.