Michael Elgin Denies Claims Made Against Him In #SpeakingOut Movement

Former Impact Wrestling star Michael Elgin has released a video denying claims made against him in the #SpeakingOut movement.

The nearly ten-minute video is titled “Hopefully you’ll listen” and begins with Elgin saying he hasn’t enjoyed thinking about wrestling the past two weeks.

He then addresses the #SpeakingOut movement and says it’s truly terrible that a lot of serious offenses were committed towards wrestlers/fans.

“A lot of things have been said about me,” he said next in the video. “And even though everything is drastically different, a lot of the things that were going on in wrestling were people using their power, using their position, or even taking advantage of younger people, and that sucks. But it was brought to my attention that some girl made claims about a hotel room in 2011.”

“Now, I don’t know if anything had ever happened to this young lady, I hope that it hasn’t and I hope that if it has she’s found some peace and some resolve. And I’m sure that’s impossible, because I can’t speak on anything like that. But what I can say, is that in 2011, I did share a hotel room with the girl and I did share a bed with the girl,” Elgin added. “But what has been left out is there was four other people in the room and I laid down in the bed next to the girl, asked her to come closer, or to have sex, I don’t know the exact verbiage. All I remember is her saying no and me going to sleep and the next morning the four wrestlers asking if we slept together. When I said no, they said, ‘Oh, we know. We heard her turn you down.’ And joked with me for months after about getting turned down.”

“I’m many things and I’ve made many mistakes in my life, but never, ever would I do anything to try and force anybody to do anything. Because, one, it’s not good for either one of us. The act. And, two, I mean, there’s legal consequences behind that,” he continued.

As for allegations made regarding him sending unwanted explicit photos to a female wrestler, Elgin claims to have reached out to the woman saying he didn’t recall doing that. She then told him that it was done as a dare while he was out drinking with wrestlers, as he explained while apologizing after it initially happened. Because of this, he apologized once again, though he says the photo may have been a picture he found online and not his own.

He also says a fan claiming he called her fat wasn’t true, as he grew up obese and knows what it feels like to be picked on for size, therefore he wouldn’t do that to someone.

Lastly, Elgin addressed the infamous video of him claiming to have urinated on a woman in a hotel room who was asking him to stop. Here’s what he had to say in full:

“Yes, I said that story. I said that story in 2013, because at that time those overly sexual stories or overly wild stories were getting massive downloads and massive buys because people wanted to hear them. So a story that happened in Timmins. Myself and two other wrestlers met three girls, and this was like maybe 2007, and we went back to the hotel. And there was joking about peeing on someone consensually on the ride up, and we did definitely joke about it, and somebody pee’ed on a girl in the shower when they were showering together, and joked about it after.

We went out with the girls the next day for breakfast. We saw them the next two times we went to town. It was an over-exaggerated story that I should have never told because now I realize, as I’ve matured, as I’ve growed, that … one, the story is outlandish and paints everybody in a bad light. But at that time, I was trying to sell DVDs. That’s not an excuse, that’s not anything. Because I take full blame for people bringing it up because it was me that said it. But I’ve tried to correct that story a million times, even the person that pee’ed on the girl in the shower corrected the story two years ago. And it just still floats out there. Again, that’s on me. One-hundred percent. I take ownership of that. I’m taking ownership of everything.

As we previously reported, Impact Wrestling says Elgin will not appear in future programming.

Watch his comments in the video below.


Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet