Impact Wrestling ‘Rebellion’ Night 2 (4/28/) Results

Suicide vs. Chris Bey vs. Trey vs. Rohit Raju

Winner: Chris Bey


Joseph P. Ryan vs. Cousin Jake

Winner: Joseph P. Ryan


Full Metal Mayhem: Rosemary vs. Havok

A woman names Neveah (Hazard in WOW Women of Wrestling) appeared near ringside and watched part of the match. Madison Rayne on commentary recognized her as Neveah but didn’t say from where she knew her.

Winner: Rosemary


Michael Elgin makes his way down to the ring. Elgin grabs a microphone, and says that last year at Rebellion, he came to Impact to make a statement – that statement was that he was going to become the next World Champion. He calls for a referee to come down to the ring. Next, he grabs ring announcer David Penzer. Now that he has both a ref and Penzer in the ring, he wants them to make a professional call, and announce him as the winner. As Penzer is about to announce Elgin as the winner, Moose’s music hits. Moose reveals that underneath his robe, he’s wearing the former TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Moose tells Elgin that he understands his pain of waiting for a chance at gaining a title opportunity. Elgin thinks Moose wearing the former TNA Championship is hysterical. Moose says he has every right to wear it because he’s beaten several TNA originals. Then, we hear Hernandez’s music hit. Hernandez doesn’t say too much before he runs into the ring and all three men start fighting.


Michael Elgin vs. Moose vs. Hernandez

Winner: Moose