Roman Reigns Will Be Removed From WrestleMania 36 Title Match In A “Unique Manner”

WWE has yet to confirm on TV that Roman Reigns will be out of the Universal title match at WrestleMania this weekend … and now Paul “Triple H” Levesque has explained why.

Speaking with Ariel Helwani, Levesque said the following in regards to the match:

“Well it’s a funny thing. I think you can watch our business in multiple different ways and one of them is the storyline aspect of it, and follow the storyline. Another way is the online component of it and the reality of it behind it. Roman has his situation and his reasons for doing the things that he’s doing, but I will say from our standpoint and the storyline standpoint, it’s going to play out in a unique manner and we want it to play out that way. It’s not necessarily putting me in an awkward position. It’s just, for me, saying I don’t want to give away the ending of the movie before the movie takes place. So I think everybody just has to watch and see how this unfolds. But it will unfold in a unique way and I think it will be meaningful for everybody.”

Reigns confirmed his absence from this weekend’s event on Instagram and said he made the decision for him and his family. WrestleMania was pre-taped last week and Roman was scheduled to face-off against Goldberg for the Universal Championship.

During the interview with Helwani, Triple H additionally addressed criticism of WWE for continuing to run events at the Performance Center during this pandemic.

“Look, there’s going to be critics of everything. I think we’re doing this to provide what we believe is an essential service in entertaining our fans, entertaining people around the world,” he stated.

“We’re working with the government officials very closely,” Levesque added. “We’re taking all of the precautions, we’re screening our talent. We’re making sure that there are no risks. Anybody that’s uncomfortable doing this doesn’t have to. The crew and the staff is very, very limited. We’re working the talent in waves, where we bring them in for their particular stuff and then they can leave, and keeping people as separated as possible. Trying to do this in as safe a way as possible, while still being able to perform a vital service.”

Listen to the full interview at this link HERE.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet