NJPW And AJPW Cancel More Shows Due To The Coronavirus Outbreak

In response to the novel Coronavirus outbreak, NJPW and AJPW have announced that they will be cancelling their events scheduled between March 16 through March 21 and March 14 through March 22 respectively. New Japan’s cancelled dates will result in the cancellation of the New Japan Cup tour.

New Japan had previously cancelled the first half of the New Japan Cup tour earlier this month. Many other promotions in Japan have announced cancellations of events earlier this month as well in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Japan.

Stardom recently held a show called “No People Gate” in response to the events they cancelled. They also announced recently that they will be canceling more shows. This was an empty arena show held in Korakuen Hall and was broadcast live on YouTube for free.

New Japan have been releasing videos for their NJPW Together Project on NJPW World in replacement for the cancelled shows. New Japan’s next big show is Sakura Genesis. The show is scheduled for March 31, and in their official statement, New Japan has stated that they will be making an announcement in regards to the status of future shows.

In their statement, they said, “We apologize to fans who were looking forward to the remainder of the New Japan Cup. Ultimately, the health and safety of our fans, wrestlers and staff, as well as society at large is our utmost concern, and we will make announcements about events scheduled after March 22 upon careful monitoring of this developing situation.”

Source: Wrestling Inc.