Jake “The Snake” Roberts Appears On Dynamite, Teases Client Coming To AEW (VIDEO)

Cody Rhodes appeared on AEW Dynamite last night to call out MJF for cheating in their match at Revolution, but Jake “The Snake” answered his call instead by walking to the ring.

“The Dark Side” will apparently be coming to AEW soon with Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and it sounds like they’ll be targeting Cody Rhodes first.

Roberts said he hated to spoil the party, but he was tired of hearing Cody’s crying/bitching. Jake then explained that he wasn’t there to praise Rhodes, he was there to slay him … and mentioned having a client. “The Dark Side will be coming to AEW,” Roberts added. “And once my roots have taken hold it will be like a phoenix rising from the ashes.”

Jake also noted that he’d be on the outside of the ring for his client’s matches, and that Cody could bring “that one trick pony” Arn Anderson.

Watch Roberts’ promo below.

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