Lita, Gail Kim And Christy Hemme Launch Kickstarter For Dramatic Wrestling Pilot

Lita, Gail Kim and Christy Hemme have launched a Kickstarter to raise money to produce a pilot for a new show inspired by true events which blends scripted drama with pro wrestling.

In a video announcement on the page, the three wrestling stars explain the series is “about women, made by women” and will give them a chance to tell their stories.

“But this is still truly a wrestling show with some of the best talent in the world,” Hemme added while noting the show would feature in-ring action.

The press release further explains:

Part TV drama, part wrestling promotion, the show will effectively demolish the fourth wall between characters and audience for a viewing experience that wrestling fans have never seen before. In a traditionally male-dominated industry, KAYFABE is a dramatization and collection of female stories inspired by real life events.

“I think KAYFABE is a great feminist story about a group of empowered women who have—in the most literal sense you could imagine—taken control of their own narratives,” said Hemme, a fan favorite who wrestled for both Impact Wrestling and WWE.

Named after the wrestling craft term that refers to the strict manner in which performers were once forbidden from breaking character or sharing industry secrets, KAYFABE is the perfect name for the new show, which will be taking that term and turning it on its head.

“All the stories we’ll be presenting in this show are something that, in one way or another, happened in real life,” said Kim, a one-time WWE Diva and recent inductee to the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame.

The producers—who all enjoyed storied careers in professional wrestling and each command a sizable and fervent following—have taken to Kickstarter to fund the creation of a pilot in an attempt to bring their vision to life without compromise. In addition to their on-screen careers, all three also share extensive backgrounds behind the camera – Kim being the first female wrestling agent in Impact Wrestling, Hemme becoming the first female talent to join the Impact creative team as director of the women’s division and Dumas, as the first female to become a producer for WWE.

Additional wrestling-related talent working on the show include:

  • Jimmy Jacobs
  • Former WWE writer Tom Casiello
  • Stunt coordinator Chavo Guerrero
  • David Sahadi, who worked in WWE and Impact
  •  Impact star Alisha Edwards

The project is looking to raise $400,000 by April 7 to get the pilot funded.

Watch the teaser for KAYFABE by CLICKING HERE.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet