Edge Explains How He Returned From Neck Injury, Then Gets Con-Chair-To’ed (VIDEO)

Edge addressed the elephant in the room Monday during his return to Raw … then his old tag partner Randy Orton showed up to ruin all the fanfare.

“The Rated-R Supertar” began the segment saying he’s been trying to get healthy again since retiring and immediately got to work making it happen nine years ago.

The WWE Hall of Famer revealed he got a second neck surgery and busted his ass to get cleared.

“I got in the best in the shape of my life at 46 years old, so that I could step back in here, so that I could end my career on my terms,” he added. Edge claimed to not know how long he’ll be able to wrestle again, but said he hopes all of the fans join him on this ride.

As we previously reported, Edge is expected to wrestle a few matches a year at big events under the terms of his new WWE contract.

During the speech on Raw, former Rated RKO partner Randy Orton interrupted and came to the ring to talk about their history together. Orton asked Edge if he wanted to team together again, but before he could answer Randy hit him with an RKO.

Orton then hit Edge with a chair and eventually a con-chair-to as the show came to a close.

Watch the end-of-show attack below.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet