Edge Once Again Seemingly Denies Returning To The Ring

It appears that Edge won’t be making a return to the ring after all.

The WWE Hall of Famer has been in the news lately following a recent report that he could be making his in-ring return soon. It was speculated by PWInsider that we could see Edge return to the ring for WrestleMania 36, and maybe as soon as the Royal Rumble.

Edge has since denied those rumors, tweeting out, “Still not and still not. Period.”

This is not the first time Edge has denied rumors of a ring return. Back in October, there were talks of Edge returning to the ring after he signed a new contract. Edge himself stated he was in Pittsburgh for WWE business, which is where WWE’s Dr. Joseph Maroon happens to be based. Edge reportedly had talks with both WWE and AEW before signing a new WWE deal.

Following his retirement in 2011, Edge got physical for the first time in a WWE ring, performed a Spear on Elias at SummerSlam this past August.

You can check out Edge’s tweet.

Source: Wrestling Inc.