Matt Hardy Releases First Episode Of “Free The Delete”

WWE star Matt Hardy is not broken at the moment, but in episode 1 of “Free the Delete” he teases the return of his popular persona.

The video begins with Señor Benjamin digging a grave and burying Matt in his Hardy Boyz gear. The wrestler then crawls out of the grave moments later as Broken Matt.

While getting out of the grave, Matt says via voiceover that he’s unburiable.

The whole thing ends up being a dream, however, and Matt is woken up by his two children. “Sorry guys, I was having a problem getting woken, I mean having a hard time waking up,” he says to Maxel and Wolfgang.

The video ends with Neric of the Seven Deities saying to him: “You have been led astray from your destined path, my child. Find it and seize it. Free the delete.”

Watch the video below.