Matt Hardy Parodies Chris Jericho Losing His AEW Title, Jericho Responds

Matt Hardy took some time out of his date night with wife Reby Hardy to parody what happened to AEW Champion Chris Jericho. As it was noted earlier this week, the AEW Championship was stolen on Sunday while Chris Jericho was eating at a LongHorn Steakhouse in Tallahassee, Florida. The title was later found along the side of the road.

Matt Hardy posted the above video on his YouTube channel. In the video, Hardy walks out of a LongHorn Steakhouse restaurant with a missing belt.

“Just had a wonderful date night with my beautiful wife here at a very classy restaurant as you can… Hold up (runs back inside the restaurant and grabs his belt) that son of a b—- tried to steal my belt. Reby, where’s our limousine?”

He also posted that he wasn’t teasing Chris Jericho, just the situation. Hardy wrote on Twitter, “For the record, I am not making fun of Chris Jericho. I just saw an opportunity to make a cute parody of last week’s wacky events & remind people of how entertaining I can be. Chris is a great friend & is an industry master of evolution & reaction. ENJOY!”


Chris Jericho responded to the video, “I loved it! It was OUTSTEEEEEENDING!!!!”

Source: Wrestling Inc.

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  1. […] Matt appreciated the compliment, but felt the years he still has left to wrestle are exactly how he plans to spend them, rather than behind the curtain, or on the bench. Since Jeff Hardy went down with a knee injury in late April, Matt has been pretty much left off WWE TV, although he’s kept busy on social media with his new “You don’t understand how hard it is to be Matt Hardy” gimmick, and doing a parody of the AEW World Title getting stolen. […]

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