Jeff Jarrett Posts Tribute To His Grandfather Eddie Marlin

Memphis wrestling legend Eddie Marlin died at age 89 this past week. Marlin was the grandfather of WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett and father-in-law of Jerry Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett shared a touching tribute to his late grandfather on Saturday evening by posting a photo of the pair in a match together. At the time of the photo, Jarrett was 19 and Marlin was 56.

Along with the photo, Jarrett wrote, “Today we laid to rest my grandfather, Eddie Marlin. Grandfathers n grandsons often work together; but, in professional wrestling, it’s rare to actually have a match where your partner is your grandfather. I was 19 and Pops was 56 when we tagged at the Fairgrounds! Love ya Pops!”

Below is the tribute:

Source: Wrestling Inc.