Brock Lesnar Kept Hidden Backstage At WWE Money In The Bank

Brock Lesnar made a surprise return at the WWE Money In the Bank pay-per-view and won the men’s Money In the Bank Ladder match main event. WWE did an angle earlier in the night where Braun Strowman took out Sami Zayn, leaving spot open for Lesnar to return.

Lesnar was hidden away from most everyone else in the backstage area, according to PWInsider. There had been some rumors earlier in the day of Lesnar appearing, but no one could confirm he was there. Only a small group of people were aware of Lesnar’s return before he appeared backstage in the Gorilla position with WWE officials.

None of the men’s MITB Ladder Match competitors in the match were aware of Lesnar’s return ahead of time. PWInsider reports that the competitors were told that there would be a spot at the end of the match where Ali would be standing on top of the ladder, and would be tipped over. They were not told who would be coming out to do the spot.

There was also talk throughout the day that Ali would be winning the match, another sign that WWE took extreme measures to keep Lesnar’s return a secret.

Lesnar was never seen on Sunday until he came to the Gorilla Position towards the end of the main event.

Lesnar vs. WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins has been rumored for WWE’s Super ShowDown event from Saudi Arabia on June 7, but there’s no word yet on if this will be his MITB cash-in. WWE will be announcing more Super ShowDown matches on RAW.

Source: Wrestling Inc.