More Lucha Underground Stars Reportedly Seek Legal Help To Obtain Releases

Lucha Underground may have recently settled a class action lawsuit with some of their wrestlers, but it sounds like they could be heading back to court soon with more.

Lucha Central reports Matanza Cueto (ROH star Jeff Cobb), Famous B and XO Lishus (AEW’s Sonny Kiss) have all sought legal representation in order to get their releases from Lucha Underground.

Cobb is the most surprising name on the list, as it was assumed he was released from the company after Season 4 when his character was killed off. Lucha Central claims that despite Jeff signing a contract with ROH, his previous employer has tried to block him from working there because they insist he’s still under contract.

The site also suggests Willie Mack could soon be seeking representation as well due to speculation over his LU contract status being the reason for his NWA National title loss over the weekend.

As we previously reported … El Hijo del Fantasma, Ivelisse, Joey Ryan and Kobra Moon were also recently let out of their LU contracts after banding together in a class-action lawsuit.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet