Joey Ryan Supports Ivelisse In Contract Dispute With Lucha Underground

joey ryan lucha underground ivelisse contract dispute

Ivelisse isn’t the only wrestler looking to get out of their Lucha Underground contract, as Joey Ryan released a statement which implies he’s going through a similar battle.

As we noted, Ivelisse says she’s been requesting a release from her Lucha Underground contract for over a year and now feels like she’s being “legally held hostage.”

Joey echoed similar sentiments in a tweet on Tuesday saying,

“I back Ivelisse 100% on this. Prior to S4, we were told anybody who requested a release would be granted one. Some did and left after the tapings. Others showed faith in the product and now seems are being punished for it. With no S5 in sight, it’s petty to keep anyone locked up.”

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that the creative team behind the show are all for the cast working as much as possible and feel terrible about Dorian Roldan not granting release requests. One source says if it were up to the creative team making the show, talent would be allowed out of their contracts.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet