AEW In Talks With “A Number Of Interested Parties” Over TV Deal

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All Elite Wrestling’s inception will continue to dominate wrestling media headlines throughout the year, particularly with so many questions still be to be answered about the upstart promotion.

Television remains the biggest of these. AEW may live or die on their ability to score a deal, and with Impact Wrestling’s recent struggles in the TV market, they face a tough task to find a station offering the required levels of exposure.

AEW President Tony Khan spoke on Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 12360 podcast earlier this week, though he was unable to go into any specifics on the matter. Here’s what he had to say:-

“There’s interested parties … a number of interested parties … it’s gonna be great for everybody. Like I said, I want it to be great for the fans. And I want every week, I want people to be excited about what this week is gonna bring in wrestling. Whether you’re a kid in school, or you’re at work and you want something to look forward to at night, I want it to be a big part of everyone’s week. I think for the talent, I just think this is a great opportunity for everybody to create something. “

This sounds promising. It was speculated last week that Khan would use his considerable media connections to score a favourable TV deal, and with networks like TBS/TNT mentioned, the early signs are encouraging. Securing a contract that’s even in the same ballpark as WWE’s upcoming Fox agreement seems like a pipe dream, though.

Big name signings will increase AEW’s bargaining power in these negotiations. Chris Jericho may not be enough on his own, though the acquisition of Kenny Omega may help convince networks that AEW is a viable commodity.

Source: WhatCulture