Enzo Amore Laughs It Up After Being Kicked Out Of Survivor Series (VIDEO)

enzo amore kicked out survivor series laughing smiles reaction instagram

He may have been kicked out of Staples Center on Sunday after attempting to get noticed on camera during a match at Survivor Series, but Enzo Amore was all laughs afterward.

In case you missed it, Enzo hid in the crowd wearing a wig and hoodie for a portion of the show. He then revealed himself as The Bar vs. Authors of Pain began and got removed from the building.

Photos and video of his removal can be SEEN HERE.

After leaving the arena … Enzo took pictures with fans and tweeted, “Apparently you can’t vape inside the staples center. !?” This is in reference about an incident where he was kicked off a plane before takeoff for vaping and not listening to instructions.

Amore then shared videos on Instagram in which he sold new merch and laughed about his removal.

Watch them both below.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet